Meeting and discussion on Beata Siemieniako’s book Reprywatyzując Polskę. Historia wielkiego przekrętu (Reprivatising Poland. Story of the great scam)

Free entry

If the harm done to your family was that you lost a tenement house and to mine was that my grandparents and parent were killed, then why should it be you and not me who is paid the damages? Why is the loss of real estate property considered more severe than losing a family in the fight for the homeland?

How to give back to the rightful owners what the communists took, but not to give it back to the Jews? How to reprivatise a tenement house without evicting the tenants? Should a palace be given back to its original owners if the only hospital in the county is situated there? Should a plot of land be given back if a pre-school was built on it from public funds?

Due to the reprivatisation scandal the issue which has been regularly swept under the carpet for 25 years has come to light again: which concept of social justice should be implemented when settling the past.

The book by Beata Siemieniako shows not only the mechanisms which made it possible for the scandals in state offices, courts and prosecutors’ offices to happen in the full majesty of the law, but it also why we still do not know how to conduct reprivatisation in a fair way – which is often used by various frauds. This is an important voice in the debate on the phenomenon of reprivatisation, in socio-political and legal terms.

Leading: Magdalena Łuczyn

Organizer: Krytyka Polityczna