Ślady Franczak

Discussions with artists: Magdalena Franczak

The meeting with Magdalena Franczak will be devoted to her latest project ‘The ice palace’.

Magdalena Franczak is an interdisciplinary artist, depending on the project in her creation she uses various media (painting, drawing, photography, performance). Member of a Polish-German AOUP group (Academy of Ugly Arts), she was granted a scholarship by the Mayor of the City of Słupsk (2005, 2008) as well as a scholarship awarded by the Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship (2009, 2010, 2011). She lives and works in Lublin. Magdalena Franczak enters theatre space designing costumes, posters and realising performance projects. She is also present in public space – she creates large-format murals such as the one on the wall of a four-floor block of flats in Słupsk and in the children’s surgery unit in the Voivodeship Hospital in Słupsk. She also creates tiny pictures that she then buries with children in various places in Poland and in Europe. In her creation Magdalena Franczak deals with human body, its oppression and condition. Her works revolve around the mythology and childhood rituals. She examines the processes of memory and ideas, she breaks the spell cast on human fears and anxieties. She is fascinated by hairy creatures and cartographic symbols which she transforms in her project – Traces (Ślady).