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Ryszard Kasperowicz – Language of Art – Dilemmas of Aesthetics | a lecture

The lecture is dedicated to the presentation of selected fundamental discussion in aesthetic studies after World War II. These discussions, dominated usually by currents derived from broadly understood analytic philosophy, were primarily an attempt to resolve the classical problems of aesthetics, formulated essentially still in the 18th century, such as the nature of aesthetic judgments, the mystery of artistic expression, the relations between the concepts of aesthetics and artistic values and properties, the qualities of aesthetic experience. Interestingly, in contemporary aesthetics these classic issues constantly intertwine with disputes about the status of a work of art as a process or a creation, discussions on the indelibly mimetic nature of artistic creation, or, finally, the cognitive and existential qualities of arts (eg. art as a game). This rich conglomerate of concepts and philosophical positions occasionally finds lively reception in artistic circles, beyond the narrow confines of academia.

The synergy of art, theory of art and aesthetics as a discipline makes the landscape of contemporary aesthetics not only enormously diverse, but also results in its state of constant fluctuation.

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