Serce miłości, łukasz Ronduda

A Heart of Love

Exhibition opening February 24th, 2017 (Friday), 6 p.m. | Galeria Labirynt/ Plaza, 13 Lipowa Street (the Ofiar Katynia Street entrance)
On until: March 19th, 2017 (Tue – Sun, 12 a.m. – 7 p.m.)
Admission free of charge
Curator: Waldemar Tatarczuk

Exhibition based on the feature film A Heart of Love (2017) | cast: Justyna Wasilewska (as Zuzanna Bartoszek), Jacek Poniedziałek (as Wojciech Bąkowski), directed by Łukasz Ronduda, cinematography Łukasz Gutt, editors Przemysław Chruścielewski, Nikodem Chabior, Alan Zejer, writer Robert Bolesto, music Wojciech Bąkowski, sound design Mateusz Adamczyk, Sebastian Witkowski

Curated by Waldemar Tatarczuk


A Heart of Love exhibition is accompanied by the production of a feature film directed by Łukasz Ronduda, depicting life and works of Zuzanna Bartoszek and Wojciech Bąkowski. The director records a portrait of artists living here and now; he shows how they work, love and search for their own self in today’s world.

‘Almost every situation in the script by Robert Bolesto is based on true events. Our film has its source in the intimate confessions of Bąkowski and Bartoszek permeating their art, poetry, songs and short films. The protagonists of A Heart of Love feed on their own intimacy in their art. Just like King Midas, who would turn everything into gold, these artist turn everything they touch into art. We were interested in the reverse of this art, so perfectly aesthetically programmed and designed. We wanted to show emotions, which get out of their control. It is a story of a very symbiotic relationship, an obsessively glued one. Based on great physical, spiritual and artistic similarities’ – says Ronduda.

A Herat of Love premiered at the international film festivals in Rotterdam (Bright Future section) and in Berlin (Forum Expanded section). The exhibition is a spatial collage based on the film.


A Heart of Love filmstill