sklad slyder

Art Ingredients | an interactive exhibition for children

Galeria Labirynt, 5 Popiełuszki Street
Opening: May 26th, 2018 (Saturday) 12 a.m.
On until July 15th, 2018 (Tuesday-Sunday, 12 a.m. – 7 p.m.)
Free admission

The exhibition opening is going to be translated into English language.

An exhibition usually consists of complete, defined pieces which leave no space for the viewers’ motion or the latter is considerably limited. What would happen if art works were placed in the hands of children? May the exhibition evolve in time, develop, interact with the space of the gallery? What is really necessary for the exhibition to come into being and can one define what are the ‘ingredients of art’ referred to in the title?

The exhibition is a kind of experiment: the art works are to be an impulse triggering the action, they shall encourage the viewers to play with their form or alter their message. During the accompanying workshops, the youngest visitors will discuss the creative process – what it really is, can it be reversed and if so then what happens if we return to the starting point once again.
The pieces on show were created with children visitors in mind. At the exhibition they shall have
an opportunity to not only see unique and mysterious objects and sculptures, but also
alter the works’ forms and rearrange them in the gallery’s pace.