Anna Baumgart na otwarciu wystawy w Labiryncie

Discussion with Anna Baumgart

Anna Baumgart’s exhibition ‘I don’t remember, I imagine’ (‘Nie pamiętam, wyobrażam sobie’) from the series ‘This is not a film’ (‘To nie jest film’) will be the topic of the discussion. The exhibition is a cross-sectional presentation of the works of one of the most important Polish contemporary artists whose creation is classified as engaged art. Among the screened Baumgart’s films it is possible to admire the artist’s most widely discussed works such as: Ecstatics, hysterics and other saintly ladies (Ekstatyczki, histeryczki i inne święte) (2004), Fresh cherries (Świeże wiśnie) (2010) as well as Baumgart’s latest works The Warsaw synecdoche (Synekdocha Warszawa) (2012) and The Sun conquerors (Zdobywcy słońca) (2012). Jakub Socha, a film expert and film critic will take part in the discussion.