Józef Robakowski - "Konstrukcja w procesie" / pokaz filmów składkowych

The screening of the „contribution” films and a meeting with Józef Robakowski

A specific structure of the “contribution” films has been inspired by the form developed in the 1930s by an exceptional artist, Katarzyna Kobro. Robakowski’s way of working on the film composition was inspired by her chain score. His first film with the structure in the form of a chain –  “22x”, produced by students of art school in Łódź in 1971. The artist gave them 20 metres of film roll, and they, in order to get the credits, had to perform and record some audio-visual art activities. These sections were then glued together into one movie, which was an undoubtedly pioneering gesture. This structure  was used by Robakowski when producing the next movies: “A Record” (1972), “Living Gallery” (1974-1975), “Door-Window-Seat” (1974), “Construction in Progress” (1982) and a television work “Concert of the Dilettantes”(2006). During the meeting Robakowski will present these works and comment on them.