Meeting with Przemek Branas

meeting with the artist: January 18th, 2018 (Thursday), 5 p.m., Galeria Labirynt, 5 Popiełuszki Street
free admission

The meeting with Przemek Branas is going to be translated to sign language by Magdalena Gach; after the exhibition opening, a short guided tour is also going to be translated into sign language.

Przemek Branas (born 1987) works in various media and is active in the fields of performance, photography, video, installation. He deals in topics involving politics and social and cultural issues and studies the relations between an entity and society, putting institutional limits to a test, researching social and historical transformations. He is interested in human practices, secret and formalized rituals, cultural signs and symbols in relation to designated time and space. He focuses on selected, sometimes seemingly trivial fragments of reality, which he subjects to a specific examination and observation, and then to a transformation into a process of artistic action and reinterpretation. With both light irony and fascination, he seeks unobvious relationships between logic and a fluid reality. Przemek Branas is the winner of the second prize in Spojrzenia 2017, a competition organized by Deutsche Bank Poland and Zachęta – National Gallery of Art for young Polish artists.