The State We Are In. Meeting with Sebastian Cichocki

The meeting is accompanying the exhibition The State We Are In. Collection of Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw at Galeria Labirynt in Lublin.

The collection of Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw was initially focused on the works of artists from Central Europe, with an emphasis on the neo-avant-garde tradition. Soon, however, the range of the institution’s interests has expanded into new areas, going beyond the European context and tradition. The collection now includes pieces by artists from Turkey, Egypt, Mexico, Angola or Thailand. The presentation, preceded by a brief walk around the exhibition, shall concern the policy of collecting and building institutions based on non-Western canons of art history.

Sebastian Cichocki is the main curator of Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and an author of exhibitions, texts and educational projects.

Free admission


Wael Shawky, Cabaret Crusades: Road to Cairo, a film still, 2012