The Scarecrow. On the social power of public art – meeting with Joanna Rajkowska

The Studio of Socially Engaged Art “The Districts” (Pracownia Sztuki Zaangażowanej Społecznie “Rewiry”) invite for a lecture and a meeting with Joanna Rajkowska. The artist will talk about “The Peterborough Child” – a project that has not been completed because of political reasons. Meeting will take place in the Labirynt Gallery. Event moderated by: Rafał Czekaj.

Joanna Rajkowska –author of a number of public projects, objects, films, installations as well as ephemeral situations and actions realized in the urban space. These activities can be understood as contemporary, ironic variations on community-based art, land art and so-called relational art that is being divided into constituents by the artist employing the tactic of ‘participatory observation’.

Rajkowska studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow at Prof. Jerzy Nowosielski’s atelier (1988-1993) and art history at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow (1987-1992). She won the 2007 Paszport Polityki award granted by the weekly magazine “Polityka”  for “remarkable projects realized in the public space and for reaching out to a man wandering through city streets”. The artist received also a lifetime achievement award Nagroda Wielka Fundacji Kultury Polskiej.