Kino Labirynt: MACONDO, reż. Sudabeh Mortezai

Sudabeh Mortezai – Macondo

Macondo, dir. Sudabeh Mortezai
cast: Ramasan Minkailov, Aslan Elbiev, Kheda Gazieva
drama / Austria / 2014 / 93’
Ramsan,  a 11-year-old, despite his young age, carries on his shoulders a huge responsibility. According to the Chechen tradition, after the death of his father he has to be the head of the household – mother and two younger sisters in his case. The household is unusual as it is situated on the outskirts of Vienna, in a Macondo refugee camp.

Film screenings:  March 25th (Wednesday) 7 p.m. / tickets: PLN 8/10