“Synesthesia” / Extension of perception for people with and without blindness

“Synesthesia” – Martin Blažíček, András Blazsek, László Kiss, Attila Zérczi

Curator: Lívia Rózsás

Synesthesia is a neurologically-based condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. The media of art stimulates the different senses, fine art generates visual stimuli. For those who have blindness the reception of fine art works is almost impossible. However, fine art does not consist only of visually perceptible works. We can encounter in the galleries and museums more and more audiovisual or completely aural works, which engage not just the eye but the ear as well.

The Synesthesia exhibition would like to actuate people with complete or partial blindness to perceive fine art through art pieces, which produces «compassion», by the operation of one sense activating another. The installations invites people with blindness and visual disabilities as well as able-sighted people to extend their own perception.

Four young artists from Central Europe, Martin Blažíček, András Blazsek, László Kiss and Attila Zérczi prepared audiovisual installations in cooperation with volunteers with complete or partial blindness.

Martin Blažíček presents his work Waveform Project / after Oskar Fischinger. The project relates to experiments in sonification of the German pioneer of abstract animation. In this case, simple imagery is translated to sound, and the visual becomes audible, making it accessible to ones who are not able to see. Interviews with Michaela Latíková , a language teacher with blindness are also presented.

András Blazsek`s sounding object is a result of interviews with people with blindness, asking them about their perception. One of them contributed to the piece with his own field recording, which is an audial reconstruction of his remarkable experience related to perception.

László Kiss’ installation is entitled Pie Chart Player. The piece playfully presents data about the social inclusion of society, from the aspects of education and their role in the labour market.

Attila Zérczi followed Tamás Juhász, a university student with blindness living in Budapest. A documentary represents their conversations trough different venues of Tamás’ life.

Synesthesia was exhibited in Hungary, at the 2B Gallery Budapest. The second show was held in Prague at Skolska28 Kommunikacni Prostor. Now it will be on view at the Labirynt Gallery, Lublin for the third time.