“(Un)Applied Arts” | exhibition at Edu Gallery

Due to the epidemiological situation, the exhibition is closed until further notice.

Galeria Labirynt, ul. ks. J. Popiełuszki 5

The exhibition on view from 08/02/2020 to 30/04/2020 (Tue-Sun, 12:00-07:00 p.m.)

Admission: PLN 2 (adult), PLN 1 (reduced)

Curators: Emilia Lipa, Agata Sztorc

Artists taking part in the exhibition: Mariusz Drzewiński, Barbara Gryka, Piotr Korol, Tomasz Malec, Tomasz Matuszak, Sławomir Toman, Jan Ziemski

Works from the collections of Galeria Labirynt and Lublin Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts

Everyday objects are easy to recognise, name and to specify what they are used for and how to use them. We can relax on a soft sofa, mug is used to brew hot drinks in, and a warm radiator warms us in winter evenings. Sometimes familiar shape of a given object may make us misjudge its function. Or vice versa – it seems to us that a peculiar object is useless, and turns out to be something very useful in everyday life.

“(Un)Applied Arts”, an educational exhibition, presents a collection of works that refer to objects with a purely decorative function, such as a porcelain figurine, and to these playing a specific role, such as a radiator, floor or door.

Works of art turn out to be full of various meanings that we have not expected at all! Once again, art amazes and deceives us a bit, thus, proving that appearance is not everything!

The exhibition is accompanied with an educational programme. Details at: