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Szycie bitów z Krawcem – party

The party, open to public, is a result of a three day long DJ-ing workshop conducted by Grajek Krawiec. The participants are going to provide a musical sensation and get the party started by serving a splendid musical cocktail under the hearful ear of DJ Krawiec. Join in the fun!

Grajek Krawiec – Dariusz Osiński-Krawiec, a DJ, making-it-happener, a musical forager, a character from the verge of non-reality, an ideologist of penetrating one’s own mind, an advocate of tolerance. He has been DJ-ing since 2000, a motive power behind numerous house parties and an active participant in drum & bass events. Currently his sets are a musical cocktail ranging from afro and Latino sounds to groovy jazz and the classics of popular music.