Grafika. Na różowym tle w białą kratkę czerwony napis "Tej drogi nigdy nie było. Opowieść na motywach Eposu o Gilgameszu".

“This Road Never Existed” – a multimedia story by Maja Starakiewicz

“This Road Never Existed” is an interactive and a multidisciplinary project combining word and image, in which graphics and animations complete the contemporary paraphrase of an ancient text. The premiere of the digital picture book for adults at is going to take place on October 30th, but you can follow the process of its creation now. On Facebook and Instagram of the gallery, we are going to regularly present the next stages of the work created by the artist, Maja Starakiewicz. Feel invited to participate in this amazing story!

“The Epic of Gilgamesh” is a classic of Sumerian literary work about topics that are seemingly distant and out of date in the context of the realities of the 21st century. The work is often incomprehensible due to its archaic form. However, a multimedia work of art is created when the story is translated into contemporary literary and visual language by an illustrator and graphic designer who has been dealing with the relations of illustration and literature for a long time. The adventures of the king of the city of Uruk, both a historical and mythological figure, turn out to be a fascinating story about love, searching for the meaning of life, struggling with passing and the eternal conflict between nature and culture – and these are just some of its themes. The paraphrase of this universal text is prepared especially for the project, just as are the graphic works illustrating it.

An important part of the artistic project is the documentation of the process of its creation – even before the presentation of the whole work, you are going to be able to see sketches of drawings, short quotes from text, graphic mind maps, or see the artist at work, and observe how the concept of adaptation changes and evolves. After the premiere, you would be able to download from the website an e-book and selected illustrations that can be printed, framed and hung on the wall at your home. We are also planning a competition and a meeting with the artist – we encourage you to follow the information on our social media and become part of this unusual project.

Maja Starakiewicz – an illustrator and graphic designer, a graduate of Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, currently a PhD student at the same university. Author of the book and educational programme “The Train to the Story” (“Pociąg do opowieści”) and the book “Model and Metaphor” (“Model i metafora”), co-author of a drawing performance based on Jan Potocki’s “Manuscript Found in Saragossa”. In her work, she often uses literature – preferably the old one.

Design concept, illustrations, website design and implementation: Maja Starakiewicz
Production: Agnieszka Cieślak, Diana Kołczewska
Text “This Road Never Existed”: Marcin Mleczak
Font Avara Bold Italic: Lucas Le Bihan / Velvetyne

The project is part of the “Culture in internet” scholarship granted by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.