Sztuka i filozofia wykład Agnieszki Ziętek dotyczący spisku sztuki i transestetyzacji według Jeana Baudrillarda

Transaesthetization and the conspiracy of art according to Jean Baudrillard – Agnieszka Ziętek

What is the topic of contemporary art? Does it offer a defined vision of the world? Does it facilitate its understanding? What is the relation between art and philosophy? What impact have philosophical trends and their representatives on art? In what ways issues related to creativity and artistic activity are took up by theoreticians of social and humanistic thought? The answers to these as well as to many other questions will be revealed within the new series of lectures ‘Art and philosophy’. Their aim is to present various ways of describing and categorising the activities of contemporary artists. Within their own competences, authors will attempt to portray metaphysical, cognitive, ethical, anthropological and socio-cultural parameters of contemporary art.