Tricky Women – animations screening

Free admission

Tricky Women is the only international festival which presents animations made by solely female directors. In Galeria Labirynt we will watch movies from the Tempestous Times and Trustworthy Places programme, designed by the festival directors –  Waltraud Grausgruber and Birgitt Wagner.

Homo Statements, dir. Maria Weber, 2014, 7’32, language spoken: German and English
Machine, dir. Anna Vasof, 2015, 2’00, language spoken: none
Shup up Moon, dir. Gudrun Krebitz, 2014,  4’05, language spoken: English
Garden & Schnaps, dir. Amelie Loy, 2013, 12’00, language spoken: English
Princess Disaster Movie, dir. Xenia Ostrovskaya, 2014, 3’24, language spoken: Russian
Tapei Recyclers, dir. Nikki Schuster, 2014, 7’00, language spoken: none
Der Verliebte Koch, dir. Verena Hochleitner, Ulrike Swoboda-Ostermann, 2013, 10’00, language spoken: none
Yachay, dir. Anne Zwiener, 2015, 6’45, language spoken: none
Ginny, dir. Susi Jirkuff , 2015, 5’00, language spoken: English
Three Suns, dir. Lia, 2013,: 7’49, language spoken: none
Two melons, dir. Ingrid Gaier, 2014, 2’00, language spoken: none
Follow you, dir. Katharina Petsche, 2013, 3’50, language spoken: English

The screenings are possible thanks to the cooperation between the International Festival Tricky Women and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs.

The show in Lublin is organised by the Fundacja Instytut Kultury Cyfrowej  (Institute of Digital Culture Foundation) in cooperation with Galeria Labirynt.

Tricky Women