VideoNews 2018

Join us for the 5th edition of the nationwide review of video art works by students of Polish art academies. Over 200 participants from all over Poland have taken part in the four editions held so far. They have been chosen in an open call proces or recommended by their professors.

Free admission

November 29th (Thursday), 4 p.m.

PROGRAM I / 4 p.m.

Performance Art Studio, (Janusz Bałdyga), Poznań University of the Arts
The studio was established in 2010 as a guest studio; it is currently a studio of voluntary choice at the Faculty of Sculpture of the Poznań University of the Arts. Its aim is to teach students the skill of constructing action and activities on the basis of the research done on the structural and social conditions of space. The basic concepts are: space, place and distance. The didactical process includes the significance of permanent forms and their role in shaping human behaviour. However, it is the human which constitutes the basic material for the activities. Body and figure adopt the function of the object and the subject. Another aim is to explore the mechanisms behind the creation of the language of performance art. We build a sign around the performer, taking into account such concepts as body, figure, silhouette, trace, memory. One of the basic notions analysed in the studio is time. While we are undertaking activities in public space, the performer becomes an initiator of a social fact. We reassess such notions as range, scale, language and observer. When treating performance as an intermedia fact, we are searching for relations (limits, influences, permeation) with disciplines such as sculpture, drawing, film, visual text and so on.

Anett Czimbalmos, Dylan Kerr, Bartosz Ługowski, Joao Garcia Neto, Joanna Pietrowicz, Patrycja Piwosz, Berenika Pyza, Natacha Queiros, Hanna Shumska, Olga Skliarska

Open discussion conducted by Jakub Majmurek

November 30th (Friday), 4 p.m.

PROGRAM II / 4 p.m.

Adam Barwiński (Szczecin Art Academy), Ernest Borowski (Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków), Karina Gorzkowska (Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków), Barbara Gryka (Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw), Łukasz Horbów (Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw), Karolina Konopka (Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice), Robert Konopski (Szczecin Art Academy), Klaudia Pisarek and Aleksandra Rajnisz-Podlaska (Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice), Agata Rucińska (Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw), Aleksandra Sarna (Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź), Diana Szczotka (Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź), Emilia Turek (Szczecin Art Academy), Weronika Woźniak (Poznań University of the Arts), Katarzyna Bielak (Faculty of Arts at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Lublin)

Open discussion conducted by Jakub Majmurek

PROGRAM III / 6.30 p.m.

Experimental Film Studio (Teresa Otulak, Adam Majiczek), Szczecin Art Academy
Experimental Film Studio at the Szczecin Art Academy deals with the medium of film, used as a tool for research on reality. The process of analysis and interpretation of what surrounds us is happening on many levels. Reflection on social, anthropological and technological contexts of film enables students of the Studio to implement their own autonomous art projects. EFS’s mission is shaping the student’s awareness to enable them to use certain areas of knowledge and create works of art/films which stimulate dialogue or critical reflection on the reality around us.

Natalia Kochaniuk, Horacy Muszyński, Klaudia Prabucka, Jakub Siedlecki, Zuzanna Sosnowska, Iga Świeściak

Open discussion conducted by Jakub Majmurek

December 1st (Saturday), 4 p.m.

PROGRAM IV / 4 p.m.

Spatial Activities Studio (Mirosław Bałka with his assistants – Anna Shimomura and Tymek Bryndal), Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
The studio was established in 2011 at the Faculty Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. It attempts to research and creatively shape the spaces within which we exist. The studio goes beyond the premises of the Academy focusing its attention on social and political issues. The students explore cultural sensitivity by searching for their own artistic identity. By defining their own spaces and sharing opinions with representatives of other places, they shape the zones of communication.

Svitlana Bezkorovaina, Julia Dorobińska, Barbara Gryka, Katarzyna Los, Nadia Markiewicz, Stefania Michera, Renata Motyka, Marta Nowak, Oliwia Thomas, Anna Shimomura, Bożna Wydrowska

Open discussion conducted by Jakub Majmurek

AfterParty VideoNews 2018 / 10 p.m

Psy Trance pres. Vice / admission: 5 zł