Jadwiga Sawicka "Wojna"

WAR by Jadwiga Sawicka on the front wall of Galeria Labirynt

War tells of the reception of the world from the perspective of an individual. That particular perspective originates in everyone perceiving through the prism of their own happiness, which may come down to, for example, health (we wish someone all the luck and, above all, health – “as that’s what’s most important” – adding  emphatically…). Not so long ago, any threat to our happiness (= health) would have been expressed with some other words, but now it is expressed with these. It is not a merry image – its aim is to cause sensible objection. We do not have to look at the world from that perspective. There are other possibilities – the word KOSMOS (Polish for “Cosmos”), which is hanging in a form of a neon above my work, for a vital point of reference for me.

(Jadwiga Sawicka)