Virginia Cooperative Agreement

for example, the extent of reduced competition between physicians, health care professionals, health care providers or others who offer goods or services to hospitals or in competition with hospitals that may flow directly or indirectly from the proposed cooperation agreement; „public contract,” an agreement between a public body and a non-state source, which is enforceable in court. In cases where a Commonwealth authority, department, agency or institution wishes to acquire telecommunications and information technology goods and services from the mandate of another public body and where purchases have been made on behalf of other public bodies, such acquisition is permitted if approved by the Commonwealth Chief Information Officer. Any public body that enters into a cooperative purchase agreement with a county, city or city whose governing body has adopted alternative policies and procedures in accordance with Subdivisions A 9 and A 10 of p. 2.2 to 4343 must comply with the alternative directives and procedures adopted by the governing body of that district, city or city. E. 1. The Authority recommends that the Commissioner approve a proposal for a cooperation agreement if it finds that the benefits that may flow from the proposed cooperation agreement outweigh the disadvantages that may result from a reduction in competition resulting from the proposed cooperation agreement. 2. In assessing the potential value of a proposed cooperation agreement, the Authority examines whether one or more of the following benefits may arise from the proposed cooperation agreement: 2. Upon receipt of the Authority`s recommendation, the Commissioner may ask the applicants for additional information that the Commissioner deems necessary to assess the approval of the proposed cooperation agreement. The Commissioner consults with the Attorney General on whether to approve the proposed cooperation agreement.

On the basis of the Review of the Protocol established by the Authority, including the Authority`s recommendation, as well as any additional information received from the applicants, as well as any other information, information or advice available to the Commissioner, the Commissioner approves the proposed cooperation agreement if, after taking into account the factors of Sub-Section E, that the benefits derived from the proposed cooperation agreement are likely to derive from the The disadvantages that may result from reduced competition outweigh. cooperation agreement proposed. The Commissioner makes his decision in writing within forty-five days of receiving the Authority`s recommendation. However, if the Commissioner has requested additional information from the applicants, the Commissioner has an additional 15 days after receiving additional information to approve or reject the proposed cooperation agreement. The Commissioner can reasonably provide for the approval of the proposed cooperation agreement on the basis of the commitments made by the parties to improve public health, access to health care, quality and cost-effectiveness set by the parties in support of their application for approval of the proposed cooperation agreement. These conditions must be enforceable by the Commissioner. The Commissioner`s decision to approve or deny an application is a case decision under the Virginia Administrative Process Act (pp. 2.2-4000 and following).