Tymon Nogalski

Born in 1988 in Toruń, Poland, he lives and works in Warszawa. A graduate in photography and intermedia from the University of Fine Arts in Poznań. In 2014, he received his MA diploma from Mirosław Bałka’s Studio of Spatial Activities at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Nogalski is a photographer and video artist. His works have been presented at exhibitions in Poland and abroad at Month of Photography 2014, Minsk; Komuna Warszawa, Warsaw; Nowy Teatr, Warsaw; Inauguration of the European Capital of Culture 2014, Umea; Arsenał Gallery, Poznań, MOCAK, Krakow.

Tymon Nogalski, Green White Orange ‒ Composition [GL, GA], video, 2016

This short film by an artist often using new media doesn’t require much comment. Everything is clear from the moment we realize where the film was shot. From a bird’s view we see a land, full of heaps of rubble and trash. Slowly we realize what exactly we see. A confirmation is only at the very end when we see a mountain made of life jackets and the name “Lesvos”. We are on the Greek island which for thousands of the war-encompassed Middle Eastern refugees is the first meeting with Europe and a chance of survival. It is the place which they also often do not reach, and die instead. They are kept in camps which offer them an existence below any minimum standards, and where they are abused and raped. This heap of life jackets reminds us of other images of war and genocide from the 20th century, reminding us of Europe’s responsibility in its obsessive protection of its borders and wealth. “Imagining the future today, I see poverty, inescapable global conflict and rubble. Similarly apocalyptic, but well founded in observation perspective seems to take over social imagination today” says the artist.