Paweł Althamer

He studied at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He has had solo exhibitions at Westfälischer Kunstverein, Munster, Germany; Foksal Gallery Foundation, Warsaw; Musée National d’Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; Fondazione Nicola Trussardi, Milan; Secession, Vienna; and New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York. His work has been featured in several important group shows as well, including Istanbul Biennial (2005); Berlin Biennial: Von Mäusen und Menschen/Of Mice and Men (2006); Skulptur Projekte Münster (2007); Gwangju Biennial, South Korea: Mainbo–10,000 Lives (2010); Venice Biennale: Il Palazzo Enciclopedico/The Encyclopedic Palace (2013). In 2004, he won Vincent Award, hosted by the Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht, Netherlands. His works are in collections of Israel Museum, Tate London, Guggneheim Museum in New York. He lives and works in Warsaw.


06.11.2010 Warszawa. Happening zorganizowany przez Pawla Althamera – jako sprzeciw wobec marszu neonazistow, ktory w swieto niepodleglosci 11 listopada mial przjesc z Placu Zamkowego pod pomnik Dmowskiego. Althamer wraz z grupa kilkudziesieciu osob przebranych w stoje wiezniow obozu koncentracyjnego, wyszlo pochodowi neonazistow na spotkanie.
***Zdjecie moze byc uzyte w prasie lub internecie, gdy sposob jego wykorzystania oraz podpis, nie obraza osob przedstawionych na fotografii. Osoba na zdjeciach zgdadza sie na publikacje jedynie w pozytywnym kontekscie. Osoba na zdjeciach zgadza sie na publikacje tylko w kontekscie opisu dodanego do zdjec przez autora fotografii***
fot. Marcin Kalinski

“Ghost March”, 2010
photography cycle

Paweł Althamer is a performer, a creator of artistic actions, sculptures, videos, and installations. In his activities and works the artist asks about human condition, corporeality, relationship with nature, consciousness and state of mind. Althamer often engages groups of people in his artistic activities or works in space where he tries to bring out what is important to its users, what connects people, and what is common. Althamer’s work is the artist’s response to fascist slogans, gestures and aggression of National Radical Camp (ONR) members during public demonstrations in Warsaw. Althamer’s action took place in the capital during the Independence March in 2010. The artist and a group of other people organised a march through the streets of the city. All participants were dressed in characteristic blue striped uniforms to remind about the victims of World War II and the Holocaust, about victims of violence and intolerance. In this way, the artist reacted to violence in the public sphere and passivity towards this type of behaviour expressed by passers-by, who calmly watched the show of aggression and intolerance.