slyder zebrowska

Alicja Żebrowska and Jacek Lichoń – Liquefaction of the Infiltron as the Via Dolorosa – Station VI. Voyeuristic Vampirism

The installation’s compounds are three combined projection layers which result in a triple synchronic video.

rezydenci slyder

Artists in Residence: Andriy Helytovych, Igor Isychenko, Alexander Ugay

Within the Artists in Residence project we present three solo shows of Galeria Labirynt’s residence artists.


Andriy Helytovych – Performance in the place

The exhibition within the Artists in Residence project.


Igor Isychenko – Exit to the city

The exhibition within the Artists in Residence project.


Alexander Ugay – More than an image, less than an object

The exhibition within the Artists in Residence project.

Oferta pracy

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Piotr Łakomy – Pale House

The exhibition of Piotr Łakomy.

tam, gdzie teraz

Somewhere now

The exhibition presents works by the selected ‘Gaude Polonia’ scholarship holders created during a residency programme in Poland.

przerwa świąteczna

Informacja dla zwiedzających

W czwartek, 15.06, Galeria Labirynt będzie nieczynna.

Informacja dla zwiedzających

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Lubelskie Dni Seniora: Oprowadzanie po wystawie "Bez obrazy"

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Lublin, 21.04.2017 Galeria Labirynt - Uporczywe upodobanie. Wystawa zainspirowana pojęciem delectatio morosa zaczerpniętym ze średniowiecznej scholastyki i przeniesionym w kontekst polskiej sztuki współczesnej.
Wystawa zbiorowa - Mirosław Bałka, Wojciech Bąkowski, Monika Zadurska-Bielak, Tomasz Bielak, Olaf Brzeski, Barbara Formella, Aneta Grzeszykowska, Katarzyna Kozyra, Zuza Krajewska, Robert Kuśmirowski, Elżbieta Jabłońska, Diana Lelonek, Jacek Malinowski, Tomasz Mróz, Aleksandra Ska, Karolina Żyniewicz

Kuratorki: Paulina Kempisty, Aleksandra Skrabek

Fot. Wojciech Pacewicz

Pernicious Predilection

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Małgorzata Pawlak

Małgorzata Pawlak – Paintings without painting

The first solo exhibition of the artist presents her recent works executed between 2015 and 2017.


The Night of Culture at Galeria Labirynt

Our events include an exhibition opening at Galeria Labirynt/Plaza, Performance Art Meeting and the possibility to visit the exhibitions 'Close Your Eyes!' and 'Pernicious Predilection'.

Noc Muzeów

Noc Muzeów

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Oferta pracy

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Historia o historii

A Story about Certain Histories

Will a story, bereft of its historical context, not lose part of its meaning?

przerwa świąteczna


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Zamknij oczy

Close Your Eyes!

Exhibition of contemporary art for children.

Dzień Wolnej Sztuki

Free Art Day ­­­­

A solution to both passive and compulsive museum and gallery visiting is the Slow Art movement.

Uporczywe upodobanie

Pernicious Predilection

How does contemporary art inscribe itself in the still topical traditions of presenting themes referring to the aesthetics of ugliness?

przerwa świąteczna


From 15th untill 17th of April Galeria Labirynt will be closed.

Alicja Bielawska, Jeśli nie tutaj, gdzie?

Meeting with Alicja Bielawska connected with promotion of the catalogue of the exhibition 'If not here, where?'

Invitation to the talk with the artist and catalogue's premiere.

Prace rzeczne

River works

Andriy Helytovych (UA), Igor Isychenko (UA), Alexander Ugay (KZ), Rashid Nurekeev (KZ)

SLYDER  caly czas w pracy

All the Time at Work


SLYDER  gesty

Gestures | exhibition in Galeria Edukacyjna

Children with caretakers and organised groups are all welcome.


#marzecwlabiryncie competition

Visit Galeria Labirynt and take a photo (e.g. a selfie). The competition hashtag is #marzecwlabiryncie.

akcja slyder

Action Lublin! Chapter 1

The participants of the Action Lublin! Chapter 1 exhibition are artists collaborating with Galeria Labirynt for whom performance was or still is an important form of artistic expression.

Serce miłości, łukasz Ronduda

A Heart of Love

Wystawa towarzyszy produkcji pełnometrażowego filmu fabularnego Łukasza Rondudy, portretującego Wojciecha Bąkowskiego i Zuzannę Bartoszek.

alicja bielawskawystawa slyder

Alicja Bielawska – If not here, where?

Alicja Bielawska presents among others works executed especially for Galeria Labirynt


Mikołaj Kowalski – Nothing Extraordinary

'Nothing Special' is his first individual exhibition and aims to present works executed in the period between 2015 and 2017.

Karolina Breguła "Światłowstręt"

Karolina Breguła – Photophobia

Among others, Breguła’s three latest films – 'Photophobia', 'Office for Monument Construction' and 'The Tower' – are going to be presented at the exhibition.

Tomasz Bielak

Deadly Serious Exhibition

Organized by Maria Skłodowska-Curie University, Lublin and Academy of Fine Arts, Wrocław



The works selected by a jury are going to be presented at the post-competition exhibition at the Galeria Labirynt.

W nocy po północy

At Night after Midnight – educational exhibition

Children with caretakers and organised groups are all welcome.

Paweł Korbus

Paweł Korbus – Things that Belong to No One

The exhibition is to see in Galeria Labirynt 2 at 3 Grodzka Street.


Communis – Renegotiating Community

The exhibition focuses on the contemporary Polish identity, in which religion and spirituality often determine the vision of the national community.


Łyżka na obrazie (A Spoon in the Painting)

We invite children accompanied by adults, as well as organised school and pre-school groups.

Na opak

Closing of the A Rebours exhibition

Registration for the workshops is on!

Jestem ukraińskim robotnikiem

Taras Kamennoy – I am an Ukrainian Worker

"I am an Ukrainian Worker" by Taras Kamenny is a summary or his artistic action

Teraz w Polsce

Now in Poland

The exhibition presents works by the selected 'Gaude Polonia' scholarship holders created during a residency .

Oprowadzanie i warsztaty dla osób z dysfunkcjami wzroku

(Polski) Oprowadzanie po wystawie i warsztaty dla dorosłych z dysfunkcjami słuchu

(Polski) Zapraszamy na oprowadzanie po wystawie DE - MO - KRA - CJA połączone z warsztatami.

Przemysław Przepióra

Przemysław Przepióra – Congeries

Przepióra’s installation is to see in Galeria Labirynt 2 at 3 Grodzka Street

Józef Robakowski

Subjective Photography in the Polish Art of 1956–1969

Kreatywnie formowane fotografie z lat 1956-1969.


DE – MO – CRA – CY | exhibition and debate

We have found ourselves in a situation in which it is necessary to underscore once again the meaning and validity of such values as democracy, liberty, equality, openness.

Jadwiga Sawicka "Wojna"

WAR by Jadwiga Sawicka on the front wall of Galeria Labirynt

"War" tells of the reception of the world from the perspective of an individual.

Na opak

Na opak / A Rebours

The exhibition prepared for our youngest audience.

Shahar Marcus & Nezaket Ekici – In Relation

Nezaket Ekici & Shahar Marcus – Artificial Islands

The project explores time, space, culture and religion in different locations world wide.

Anna Orlikowska, Dance macabre


An educational exhibition for kids.


VALIE EXPORT – Tattooed Years / Tatuowane lata

VALIE EXPORT is one of the most significant contemporary artists. She is an author of video art pieces, performances, photography, installations, sculptures and objects.


Love Performance

The exhibited works are the expression of intensive emotions of their authors, a type of a love letter exchange.


Zuzanna Janin – Seven Dances

The exhibition in Lublin shows artist’s works from recent years. Part of them has been exhibited before, but is here presented among numerous premier works, the latter of which play a major role.


II International Student Poster Biennale | Lublin 2015

Approximately 350 posters were chosen for the exhibition from the sum of over 1,500 competition entries.

Piotr Bujak - Closer

Piotr Bujak - CLOSER | show

It can be viewed as a part of a series of works by Bujak devoted to issues such as: harmony, time and movement, emptiness and transience.

Łowcy potworów

Monster Hunters

Educational exhibition, where children are free to feel like real monster hunters...

2012.09.02 Niedziela w Labiryncie_W Labiryncie sztuki_fot.D.Kolczewska (42)

In the Labyrinth of the City

Educational exhibition basing on the collections of Galeria Labirynt and the Lublin Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts

Wojna i pokój

War and Peace

The contemporary Polish art is abundant in the new military iconography and artistic creativity dedicated to war understood in a wider sense, both in historical and current perspective.

Czysta formolność

Mere Formality

It has been few years now since formalism in arts ceased to be a marginal phenomena, perceived by the representatives of progressive art institutions with a hardly concealed contempt...

Zygmunt Rytka

The Mysteries of Light

Educational exhibition organized by volunteers is the result of the curatorial workshop in which they had taken part.

Nocna zmiana

Night Shift

“Night Shift” is a unique form of an exhibition.

Noc muzeów

Night of the Museums

(Polski) Zwiedzaj wystawę z latarką, zagraj w sztukę, pokaż swój filmik na dużym ekranie, zrób z nami wystawę... Sprawdź, co przygotowaliśmy!

Wojciech Bąkowski - Ból jest gdzieś w pokojuj

Wojciech Bąkowski – There Is a Pain Somewhere in the Room

In his works Wojciech Bąkowski combines the image, the sound and the text.

Wystawa edukacyjna - Kryjówka

The Hideout

With the youngest viewers of art in mind the artists executed paintings, objects, installations and sound projects.

Wojciech Wilczyk – Święta Wojna

Wojciech Wilczyk – The Holy War

The exhibition at Galeria Labirynt - Plaza.

Paulina Litwin - wystawa w Galerii Labirynt 2

Paulina Litwin - nihil humanum...

Exhibition at Galeria Labirynt 2.

Oskar Dawicki "Lacrimosa"

Oskar Dawicki - Lacrimosa

A specially executed monumental installation whose central point is the "Tears of happiness" film.

Alicja Pulik, Szymon Popielec - Odpust

Alicja Pulik, Szymon Popielec – Indulgence

Exhibition at Galeria Labirynt 2.

Olaf Brzeski - Czułe spojrzenie

Olaf Brzeski - Tender Look

The Exhibition at Galeria Labirynt presents his recent works

Zuzanna Klein: Uważają nas za żywych

Zuzanna Klein – They Consider Us Alive

Exhibition at Galeria Labirynt 2.

Norbert Delman: Flame_props

Norbert Delman – Flame_props

Exhibition in the Labirynt Gallery.

Sławomir Marzec - Walka dobra ze złem

Sławomir Marzec - Good vs Evil

How do we perceive the battle between good and evil?

Józef Robakowski: Video-teatrzyk Józefa R.

Józef Robakowski - Józef R.’s Little Video-Theatre

We are going to see the artist’s latest video created in 2014, along with the works from the 80s of the 20th century.

Tomasz Koszewnik - Prześnienie

Tomasz Koszewnik - Prześnienie

Exhibition in Galeria Labirynt 2.

Kornelia Dzikowska - wystawa w Galerii Labirynt 2

Kornelia Dzikowska - Działanie przestrzenne, zbliżające

The project was selected in the competition for the site-specific work for the space of Labirynt 2 Gallery.

R.E.P. 10 lat. O metodzie / wystawa

R.E.P.: 10 years. On method

A meeting with the artists is going to be held after the opening of the exhibition.

Robert Kuśmirowski - Tężnia

Robert Kuśmirowski - Graduation Tower

The colour changes on the corroding and rusting objects, gravity stains on a freshly built wooden structure and other materials will form a unified organism.

Sonia Rega - Brak ogłady

Sonia Rega – Brak ogłady (lacking in manners)

The project of the artist resembles a series of notes from the early school years.

Uczulenie na kolor - wystawa wieńcząca kurs kuratorski

The Colour-Sensitive

Exhibition project is the final of the curator course in the Labirynt Gallery.

Przemysław Kamiński - Some Other Things - otwarcie wystawy w Galerii Labirynt 2.

Przemek Kamiński - Some Other Things

The project by Przemek Kamiński was selected in a competition for a site-specific piece for the Labyrint 2 Gallery.

Niepokój - wystawa prac z kolekcji Lubelskiego Towarzystwa Zachęty Sztuk Pięknych


Tytus Dzieduszycki-Sas, Dariusz Kociński, Tomasz Kowalski, Andrij Linik, Anna Orlikowska, Agnieszka Polska, Krzysztof Pruszkowski, Paulina Sadowska, Piotr Sakowski, Konrad Smoleński, Marcin Sudziński

Katarzyna Kozyra "Szukając Jezusa"

Katarzyna Kozyra – Looking for Jesus

Exhibition from the series ‘This is Not a Film’.

Oblastní galerie Vysočiny v Jihlavě

Hay, straw. Artworks in landscape, and natural processes in art

The exhibition in Oblastní galerie Vysočiny v Jihlavě.

Anna Różycka "Iluminacje"

Anna Różycka – Illuminations

The exhibition in the Labirynt 2 Gallery (3 Grodzka Street).

Zbigniew Libera & Roee Rosen "Noc sądu"

Roee Rosen, Zbigniew Libera – Judgement Night

‘Judgement Night’ is the first exhibition of two prominent artists – Roee Rosen and Zbigniew Libera.

Mirosław Bałka "Fragment"

Mirosław Bałka - Fragment

The exhibition is another presentation from the series ‘This is not a film’.

Yaroslav Futymskyi

Yaroslav Futymskyi - blokada.da (nie nie wiem)

Exhibition in Labirynt 2 Gallery, Grodzka 3 Street.

Najlepsze dyplomy Instytutu Sztuk Pięknych UMCS - malarstwo, grafika warsztatowa, projektowanie graficzne, rzeźba, ceramika, fotografia, intermedia, multimedia, film animowany oraz wideo

Best diplomas of the Institute of Fine Arts 2010-2013

This is first such a vast presentation of didactic achievements of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University Institute of Fine Arts.

Całe życie stałem w cieniu kina

"All my life I was standing in the shadow of cinema" - Cezary Bodzianowski

Exhibition is another presentation from the series ‘This is not a film’.

Sławomir Toman, Jakub Ciężki, Tomasz Bielak, Piotr Korol, Arek Karapuda, Maciek Duchowski, Igor Przybylski, Ewa Juszkiewicz, Katarzyna Szeszycka, Zbigniew Rogalski i Marcin Zawicki

"Complexes and frustrations"

Tomasz Bielak, Jakub Ciężki, Maciek Duchowski, Ewa Juszkiewicz, Arek Karapuda, Piotr Korol, Igor Przybylski, Zbigniew Rogalski, Katarzyna Szeszycka, Sławomir Toman, Marcin Zawicki

Magdalena Franczak "Zejście" wystawa w galerii Labirynt

"Descend" - Magdalena Franczak

The latest project of Magdalena Franczak is inspired by a Scandinavian book of Tarjei Vesaas ‘The Ice Palace’.

Hubert Czerepok "Historia i utopia", wystawa z cyklu "To nie jest film", kuratorka: Monika Szewczyk

"History and Utopia" - Hubert Czerepok

The exhibition is another presentation from the series ‘This is not a film’.

Mariusz Tarkawian, Zbigniew Libera, Angelika Markul, He Chengyao

New items in the collection

Presentation of works bought in 2013 to Labirynt Gallery’s collection.

Sztuka na talerzu

Art on a plate

Within the project, workshops for children and adults will take place accompanying the educational exhibition of Janusz Byszewski - ‘Museum on the way # 6’.

The Issue

"The Issue" - Jae Ho Youn & Sergio Millan

With light and sound, the artists will enliven the space of the gallery at 3 Grodzka Street.

Anna Baumgart

"I don't remember, I imagine" - Anna Baumgart

The creation of Anna Baumgart is classified as one of the trends of critical and feminist art.

Krzysztof Wodiczko

"The art of public domain" - Krzysztof Wodiczko

Photographic and film documentation of Krzysztof Wodiczko’s projections reflect how in his long practice the artist is still looking for an answer to the question: what can we do in order to render public space really public?

ISPB Lublin 2013

International Student Poster Biennale ISPB | Lublin 2013

The winners will be awarded at the gala held on 11 October at 7 p.m.

Dominik Lejman

"Counterbalance" - Dominik Lejman

“Counterbalance” is the first exhibition from the series “This is not a film”.

Zygmunt Rytka Obiekt nietrwały


Photo exhibition from collections of the Labirynt Gallery and Lublin Fine Arts Zachęta Society consists of three parts. First part will be on display in the Lipowa 13 Gallery, others will be presented in the Labirynt Gallery.


Laboratory? That’s simple!

Interactive objects designed especially for the purpose of the exhibition will help children understand natural phenomena.