17-9-2021 - 29-9-2021

Galeria Labirynt

About the exhibition

CEREMONIAL is a series of presentations of works in the form of flags carried out by the informal exhibition initiative NOWY ZŁOTY (NEW GOLDEN). Until now, works by such artists as Monika Drożyńska, Julia Krivich, Alex Urso, and Nikolay Karabinovich have flown on a pole mounted on a kiosk. Another work displayed on the roof of the OSA Open Antifascist Studio, which is part of Galeria Labirynt, is the work by Jolanta Nowaczyk.

When: 17–29/09/2021
Where: Kiosk in front of Galeria Labirynt (ul. Popiełuszki 5)
Accessibility: The work is on the roof of the OSA kiosk in front of Galeria Labirynt building. The work is visible from the pavement. Description of works in PJM – after scanning the QR code.
: 1 zł

For the NOWY ZŁOTY curatorial team – Magdalena Kreis and Yuriy Biley – this is the second meeting with the artist. In 2020, while still in Wrocław (then called the ZŁOTY KIOSK – GOLDEN KIOSK), Jolanta Nowaczyk worked on the “Sink or Swim” project, which was part of the programme of the Wrocław 70/20 Symposium. This time, we present Jolanta’s work in Lublin and it becomes part of the CEREMONIAL exhibition cycle.

The flag “Blazing World” was sewn by hand from fabrics found. It takes its title from a 17th-century novel by Margaret Cavendish, described as a pioneering work of feminist science fiction. The book tells the story of a world in which society works harmoniously thanks to the abolition of social divisions. In the context of Jolanta Nowaczyk’s work, this thread can be read – by manifesting it with a flag – as a demand for “another world”. The word “blazing” suggests that the world as we know it will explode or burn down.



ticket: PLN 1



Magdalena Kreis and Yuriy Biley



Jolanta Nowaczyk

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