24-11-2020 - 06-12-2020

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“A Bear’s Dream” – call for works for children and teenagers for the online exhibition

Present your work at the virtual exhibition “A Bear’s Dream”! You can be inspired not only by specific works from the exhibition, but also by the following slogans:

  • Between us, species
  • Shadow of the moment
  • Nature upside down
  • Impression landscapes
  • One for all and all for one!
  • Living sculpture
  • A painterly intervention
  • Factories forests and sidewalk meadows
  • Natural signposts

Persons up to 18 years of age may participate in the project. Small gifts and diplomas are provided for the participants, whose works are going to be presented at the exhibition.

About the exhibition

“A Bear’s Dream” is a virtual VRChat exhibition, taking place through the intermediary of an online social platform designed to generate virtual worlds. Feel invited to join us in the digital exhibition space of Galeria Labirynt in Lublin. Access to the VRChat platform is available to all Microsoft Windows users. This enables a full exhibition experience without leaving one’s home.

All the works on display serve as a topical pretext for further reflection on our relations with nature. A virtual tour of the exhibition enables one to watch films, see photographs, paintings, and drawings, take a look at the surrounding world from a diversity of perspectives, and consider the human condition in the times of the climate crisis.

How to view the exhibition? The manual and links can be found here: https://labirynt.com/en/sen-niedzwiedzia-wirtualna-wystawa-creart/

Work requirements

Works have to be created with any traditional or digital technique in the form of an image, photo, drawing, short film, collage etc. The files sent have to be original works made by the participants of the call.

Deadline for applications

Works should be sent by December 6th, 2020 (11:59 p.m.) via the form https://forms.gle/LSg62kASLU1kTQz2A (form in Polish language only).

Selection of works

The works are going to be selected by the educational team of Galeria Labirynt. Selected works are going to be presented at the interactive exhibition before December 15th, 2020.






Curatorial guided tour - application form for groups