17-12-2021 - 27-2-2022

Galeria Labirynt | Plaza

About the exhibition

“Expand” is a series of exhibitions in Lublin, during which the works of the local artistic community are presented. The exhibition works can not only be seen, but also purchased. This fact made Ewa Zarzycka, Magdalena Franczak, and Paweł Korbus reflect on the relationship between art and money.

Exhibition opening: 17/12/2021, at 7:00 p.m.
Where: Galeria Labirynt Plaza, ul. Lipowa 13, Lublin
Accessibility: The exhibition is held on the ground floor in a space free from architectural barriers.
On display: until 27/02/2022 (Tue–Sat 1–6 p.m.; Sun 12–7 p.m.)
Admission: Free

The 3rd edition of the “Expand” exhibition is a study on the values of art. How is artistic value transferred into financial value? What variables does this process take into account or do any values, for example social ones, have an impact on it? To what extent can the economic value reflect the intangible one? These are just some of the questions that accompany the exhibition.

Ewa Zarzycka, Magdalena Franczak, and Paweł Korbus approach the subject with both seriousness and irony. They expose and carefully analyse the topic of sales present at the exhibition and its circumstances. Prosaic, commercial reality often imposes the necessity to be an artist, a public relations specialist and a manager at the same time. But do these roles always go hand in hand? The problems they raise are of interest not only to specialists. There are, after all, many stereotypes associated with art in our daily lives, and some of them undoubtedly relate to its financial aspect.








Polish, English




Ewa Zarzycka, Magdalena Franczak, Paweł Korbus

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