15-2-2022 - 29-5-2022

Galeria Labirynt

About the exhibition

The second edition of the exhibition of works from the collection of Galeria Labirynt supplemented with adaptations for people with disabilities as well as foreigners. The prepared materials allow for the free and independent reception of the exhibition by any person, regardless of age or disability.

Where: Galeria Labirynt, ul. Popiełuszki 5, Lublin
Accessibility: The exhibition/event is held on the ground floor. At the bookstore, you can borrow a wheelchair and earmuffs for free during your stay in the gallery. The gallery has 6 portable induction loops. The exhibition is located on the ground floor. A driveway with a slope of 13 steps and a double-leaf door, 138 cm wide, lead to the exhibition hall. The door opens outwards. Usually only the left door leaf is open. The works are accompanied by descriptions in Polish, English and in the Polish sign language.
Exhibition on display: 15/02–29/05/2022 (Tue–Sun, 12:00–19:00)
The ticket in the price of admission to the gallery.

All the works presented at the exhibition are accompanied by adaptations intended to be discovered by touch – tactile diagrams or models. These are original, experimental projects made, among others, by students of the Institute of Fine Arts of MAria Curie-Skłodowska University under the supervision of Ewa Niestorowicz, PhD. The descriptions of the works were prepared in the Braille. At the exhibition, you can also listen to audiodescriptions, i.e. phonic representation of what each work of art presents. These materials were developed by students of the English Philology of the Catholic University of Lublin under the supervision of Anna Sadowska, PhD. The descriptions of the works have been translated into the Polish sign language, English and Ukrainian.

Curatorial team: Krystian Kamiński, Agata Sztorc-Gromaszek

Descriptions: Krystian Kamiński, Emilia Lipa, Agata Sztorc-Gromaszek

Audiodescription: Julia Czaplińska, Paulina Gierlach, Paulina Huzar, Kinga Kucewicz, Magda Lisek, Katarzyna Mazurek, Piotr Pryciak, Monika Szczęsna, Agata Sztorc-Gromaszek, Adrianna Śliwa

Tactile diagrams: Maria Chmielnicka, Bartosz Kalisz, Krystian Kamiński, Anastasia Kashtalian, Róża Kowalczyk, Konstanty Olech, Monika Rejman, Wioletta Stępniak, Sonia Warchoł, Adrianna Wilewska, Kinga Wójtowicz, Aleksandra Zalewska, Magdalena Żuk

Translations: Ivan Davydenko, Krystian Kamiński, Justyna Kieruzalska, Wioletta Stępniak

Branding: Emilia Lipa

Production: Diana Kołczewska

Realisation: Karol Jakóbczyk, Jarosław Mitura, Witold Głos

Accessibility materials were prepared as part of the “Accessible Gallery” project in 2021.


The ticket in the price of admission to the gallery.


English, Polish, Polish sign language, Ukrainian


Krystian Kamiński, Agata Sztorc-Gromaszek



Jürgen Gerhard Blum-Kwiatkowski, Andrzej Dłużniewski, Jan Dobkowski, Maurycy Gomulicki, Ryszard Grzyb, Dorota Podlaska, Józef Robakowski, Tomasz Zawadzki

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