25-2-2022 - 01-6-2022

Galeria Labirynt

About the exhibition

This time, in Galeria Labirynt, Franek Warzywa makes a market robbery. The exhibition will be preceded by a concert featuring Franek and friends (Young Buddha, Aljas, Chair, POLA NUDA, bogdan sėkalski).

Exhibition opening: February 25, 2022 (Friday) at 7:00 p.m.
Where: Galeria Labirynt, ul. ks. J. Popiełuszki 5, Lublin
Accessibility: The exhibition is held on the ground floor. In the bookshop you can borrow a wheelchair and earmuffs for free during your stay in the gallery. The gallery has 6 portable induction loops. Opening interpreted into the Polish sign language; interpreter: Ewelina Lachowska. Opening interpreted simultaneously into English – please pick up the device at the bookstore before the event; interpreter: Krystian Kamiński. There are loud noises/flashing projections/flashing lights at the exhibition. Silent hours at the exhibition: Wednesdays 3:00–7:00 p.m.
Exhibition on display: until 01/06/2022 (Tue–Sun, 12:00 –7:00 p.m.)
Entrance: PLN 1 (free admission to the exhibition opening)

According to the current restrictions, there is a visitor limit. People who voluntarily present the EU Vaccination Certificate do not count towards the limit. The certificate can be downloaded from the website patient.gov.pl.

One may ask – why market robbery? Anyone who has watched “Money Heist” knows there is more to robbery. A bank robbery, or – in this case – a market one, is a dream about breaking out of pathological everyday life, it is a manifesto of freedom and a rebellion against capitalism. “The idea of ‘Market Robbery’ is an unfulfilled dream for me to experience reality in the way we expect. It is the idea of extreme action, and the key here is what it represents, not just the fact that we make it real. ‘Market robbery’ is for me a model of the attitude that I strive for, but which does not leave the sphere of my dreams. I am fascinated by the unrestricted freedom and opposition to the imposed restrictions that are associated with entering the criminal path. However, I do not have negative energy in me, and I do not want to hurt anyone. I just want to eat a fresh tomato,” says Franek.

It will be the second instalment of “Market Robbery”. The first one, in the Ul Gallery, took place in a virtual space with the use of an avatar. It was accompanied by a digital audience made of photos of the event’s participants. The exhibition at Galeri Labirynt will be an attempt to materialise digital reality, we will also hear a new version of the song “Market Robbery”.


Franek Drażba (1998) –  student of the Faculty of Media Art of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Known on the Internet as Franek Warzywa (Franek Vegetables), an artist promoting a healthy lifestyle among young people. Franek Warzywa records happy songs, creates videos and animations with the main theme of the vegetables he eats.  In addition to healthy eating, he is also interested in TikTok, aliens, chihuahuas, and football. He is a member of the Karaoke Gang. In a duet with Martyna Modzelewska, he creates objects dedicated to public space. He took part in exhibitions.


Piotr Szymon Mańczak about “Market Robbery 2” ENG


Entrance: PLN 1 (free admission to the exhibition opening)


Polish, English




Franek Warzywo

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