10-3-2023 - 31-12-2023

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About the exhibition

Seeing the modern gallery of art as an institution, whose function is modulating and responding to the contemporary currents, ideas, manifestos, often expressed visually, we want it to become a living commentary on our reality, similarly to street art in the late 20th century. We wish to leave behind the old-fashioned clichés and find new ways of expression. The idea is to create a space, a kind of agora, forum, which through the (non?)artistic expression of young people will become a friendly and accessible place, highlighting first and foremost the right to free expression of one’s opinions, dreams, thoughts and ideas.

“Curort Vieniava” is a space of meetings, parties and creative freedom in the spirit of an open gallery. It is a place of discussion. We cover the Labirynt’s walls with a distinct, performative, thought-provoking voice of the young generation. Together we’re secretly creating an interdisciplinary work. It is that voice that is to enter into dialog with the urban life, atmosphere and everyday problems. What’s important is the process, not the end product.

You are encouraged to free expression – not just through painting or writing on the walls! Do you have some artworks at home? Bring them here! Do you want to write a manifesto on a piece of cardboard and nail it to the wall? Go ahead! Do you have an interesting video to show us? That’s what we’re waiting for! Thinking about performance or performative reading? That’s the place for it! Don’t let the form be the limit. We don’t require you to tackle the subject artistically. You don’t have to be an artistic person. This is the realm of total freedom, and you are free to choose the activity and the means of expression. Do you feel like going with the flow? Time will tell where you end up flowing.

According to the project’s idea, we invite people aged 15–30 to create. There aren’t any age restrictions for exploring the space, however some content might be inappropriate for children. The exhibition will be expanding, living, so the exposition will keep on changing. Some art interventions will take place during its display.

If you want to be up-to-date with the events at “Curort Vieniava”, you can follow our social media and join the open group: link

The space is open for creating or exploring, during the opening hours of the Gallery, as well as during the #artafterdark events when we operate longer.

Exhibition on display: 10/03/2023–31/12/2023

Curator: Mateusz Wszelaki
Youth co-operation: Alicja Sienkiewicz, Michał Rachwalski
Coordination: Diana Kołczewska
Visual identification: Emilia Lipa
Translations: Zuzanna Borys, Mariya Hoyin, Krystian Kamiński, Michał Pelczarski, Wioletta Stępniak







Mateusz Wszelaki



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