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17-4-2021 - 31-3-2022

Szczegóły projektu

Hello, my name is Filip, I am a resident of Galeria Labirynt.

I would like to tell you about the Azyl Library project. I count on your support, because this project aims at strengthening tolerance and awareness as well as at giving support to people who need it most.

The Azyl Library is going to be an educational tool for young LGBTQ + people living in Poland, in particular in the lubelskie region. On April 24th, 2019, the region authorities declared objection to “promoting the ideology of LGBT movements” in the public sphere. Education of young people about sexual minorities was condemned, and many lonely young people were exposed to stigmatisation and loneliness.

We want to reach people who face everyday discrimination, lack of support, often from their relatives. Their access to reliable knowledge, not included in the curriculum, is close to zero. Economic reasons often cause that young people do not have access to literature that could help them overcome the feeling of alienation, open them to self-acceptance, life and experiences. The library also can be an “asylum”, a guesthouse aimed at share knowledge that will be open to all people.

We see books as maps of coloured experiences of reality. We would like to make readers step by step to belief that it may be otherwise. We believe that every young person living in Poland who is exposed to discrimination because of sexual identity should have access to literature and knowledge about themselves.

We want to create a library made by society for society. That’s why we ask for your support. Maybe you have publications that you would like to share?

To fill the library archive, we are looking for LGBTQ + content, they may be titles written by authors who are part of the community.

We are also open to every idea supporting this action!


You can send the books to the gallery by post or deliver them in person (Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m.). Due to restrictions, please use the intercom.

Shipping address:
Galeria Labirynt
Filip Kijowski
ul. ks. Jerzego Popiełuszki 5
20-052 Lublin

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