Labirynt’s Basement

28-6-2021 - 31-12-2022


In our basement everyone is welcome.

We dreamt of creating a place where young people (of course, everyone can come) could meet and feel free to express themselves however they want. A place that would be open, casual, and create space for the implementation of your own ideas. Where you could come alone, with friends or in order to meet new people.

What can you do here? Everything! Study, work, dance, sing, play board games, watch movies, take part in artist nights, workshops or various other events, but also simply relax. At the same time, in Basement, we remember about being kind to each other, respecting mutual emotions and personal boundaries.

There are also books from the queer Azyl Library waiting in the cosy interior. Have you ever felt that there is something missing in the literary narrative about the world? That the books you read do not reflect the multiplicity and variety of possible experiences? Or maybe you are looking for something that will help you better understand yourself and others? You can find those books on our shelves.

Come to Labirynt’s Basement whenever you want, on condition it is during the gallery’s opening hours. Here you can feel safe, relaxed and simply be yourself. It is up to you what this place will be like. We organise our own events, but we are also open to any proposals. Or maybe you have suggestions how to make our basement even cooler? If you want to talk – feel free to write to or visit Galeria Labirynt and ask about Alicja.

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