Galeria Labirynt

The headquarters of Galeria Labirynt at ul. Popiełuszki 5 is located in a one-storey building
built in the 1950s. The interior is raw, has an industrial character, on the walls
the structural elements of the building are visible. In the floors of the exhibition rooms there are
canals – a remnant of the garages located here.
In front of the building are parking and lawn, behind the building there is a slope.

Galeria Labirynt | Plaza: 3D gallery view ed. Adam Oroń

Galeria Labirynt 2

Galeria Labirynt 2 is located in a historic building on the main street of the Old Town.
The gallery is located on the ground floor of the building, but also has exhibition space on level -1,
where a steep, narrow staircase leads. The upper exhibition hall is elongated and contains
One window overlooking the street. The vaults in both rooms are barrel. The lower hall is cramped and narrow.

Galeria Labirynt 2: 3D gallery view – ed. Adam Oroń

Galeria Labirynt | Plaza

Galeria Labirynt | Plaza is located in the Lublin Plaza Shopping Centre at ul. Lipowa 13.
since 2014. The entrance to the Gallery is from ul. Ofiar Katynia,
Across the street there is the cemetery. The interior consists of one room
with a round column in the centre. The history and use of the site have changed several times until the present day. In the years 1939–1943, a Nazi labour camp for Jewish people was located there. After the war, the site remained owned by the army, while in the 1960s it was given over to commercial use – shops and consignment shops were opened in the barracks left over from the war,
as well as art studios. The Plaza Shopping Centre was built in 2007.

Galeria Labirynt | Plaza: 3D gallery view ed. Adam Oroń