Accessibility of Galeria Labirynt

The programme events of Galeria Labirynt situated at Popiełuszki 5 Street take place on the ground floor. Texts describing the works are printed in black and white. The exhibitions are designed in such a way that wheelchairs can pass freely between the walls. A wheelchair and earmuffs can be borrowed from the bookshop for the duration of your stay in the gallery. Assistance dogs are welcome in the gallery (as are other animals); there is also a bowl of water for them located in the bookshop. All the wooden doors in the institution are painted grey, which contrasts with the white walls of the building.

Quiet hours

Every Wednesday from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. there are quiet hours at Galeria Labirynt. During this time, all the works that emit loud noises or flashing lights are turned off. As a result, our visitors with a high sensitivity threshold, who cannot stand the noise and plenty of stimuluses or those with ASD may visit the exhibitions comfortably. If you are a person, who is sensitive to noise and want to see the exhibitions the other day, you can borrow the noise-cancelling earmuffs from our bookstore for free and use them while visiting our gallery.


You can get to the gallery by using the public transport of the Public Transport Authority. According to the carrier, lines reaching the vicinity of the building at Popiełuszki 5 Street are serviced by low-floor vehicles (bus stop lines 4, 11, 13, 15, 55 in their entirety, line 2 on Saturdays and Sundays).

It is possible to get to the Gallery from the three nearest bus stops: Galeria Labirynt 01, Galeria Labirynt 02 and Głowackiego 01. There are safe crossings from the Galeria Labirynt 01 and Galeria Labirynt 02 bus stops with light and sound signals and also lowered kerbs. The path from the Głowackiego 01 bus stop leads through one pedestrian crossing with light and sound signals and one crossing without signals. The path from this bus stop leads also through the pavement, which is damaged in some places, so it can be difficult to move on a wheelchair.

We can provide an assistant to come to the bus stop and support the person to get to the Gallery. If you need an assistant, please call in advance at +48 81 466 59 20 int. 23.

It is possible to drive up to the Gallery building from Popiełuszki Street. There is a parking space next to the building, marked with a blue envelope measuring 360 cm (depth) by 620 cm (length).

It is also possible to drive up and stop at the very entrance of the Gallery to drop off visitors to the institution.

  • It is possible to drive up to the Gallery building from Popiełuszki Street. There is a parking space next to the building, marked with a blue envelope measuring 360 cm (depth) by 620 cm (length). It is also possible to drive up and stop at the very entrance of the Gallery to drop off visitors to the institution.
  • There is a path paved with cobblestones from the pavement in Poniatowskiego Street to the very entrance to the Gallery.
    The paved path starts with a 4 cm high kerbstone (this may be an obstacle for a wheelchair) and includes a sharp turn.
Zdjęcie. Na pierwszym planie chodnik z betonowej kostki z małym uskokiem. W tle trawnik.
  • The paved path is 129 cm wide at its narrowest point and 170 cm wide at its widest.
Zdjęcie. Na pierwszym planie chodnik z betonowej kostki, prowadzący do budynku galerii. Po lewej stronie widać fragment żółtego kiosku. Po obu stronach chodnika trawnik.
  • The paved path contains one wheelchair ramp with a slope of 4 degrees.
Zdjęcie. Na pierwszym planie chodnik z kostki betonowej z łagodnym podjazdem prowadzącym do drzwi wejściowych.
  • There is a steep downhill slope paved with cobblestones from Popiełuszki Street, which is used by cars.
  • Next to the Gallery building, the driveway on the left turns into a straight paved walkway. The walkway is 146 cm wide.
  • The building’s front door is bi-fold, but only the right-hand door leaf, which opens outwards (right hand reverse active), is unlocked. The door is made of glass and metal, with black warning tape stuck on them at eye level of a standing person. The door is opened by pulling the vertical handle and requires quite a lot of force. During the warmer months the door is opened wide. The passage width is 90 cm. There is an intercom on the left side of the door.
Zdjęcie. Szklane drzwi wejściowe z otwartym prawym skrzydłem. Po obu stronach poręcze.
  • The sill height of the door is 3 cm.
Zdjęcie. Widok z góry. Próg drzwi wejściowych.
  • The ticket office is located in the bookshop on the right side, next to the building’s front door. It is accessed via a very steep ramp with a 90-degree incline, inaccessible to cross by wheelchair. The door to the bookshop is sliding, made of glass, with black warning tape stuck on it at eye level of the person standing. The width of the open door is 152 cm. The door is always open during the Gallery’s opening hours.
Zdjęcie. Wnętrze księgarni. Za przeszklonymi drzwiami regał z książkami, po prawej stronie pomarańczowy fotel, po lewej stronie wieszak z koszulkami. Na podłodze płytki z niewielkim podjazdem.
  • Directly opposite the front door there is a bi-fold glass door that leads into the corridor. Black warning stickers have been applied to the door at the eye level of a person standing. When both door leaves are opened, the passage width is 174 cm. In order to pass through the door it is necessary to overcome a wheelchair ramp with an incline of 23 degrees.
Zdjęcie. Korytarz. Otwarte szklane drzwi. Podłoga z niewielkim podjazdem. W tle wnętrze sali wystawowej.
  • In the corridor, on its left, there is an accessible toilet. This is the first grey door marked with black stickers. The door opens outwards with a handle. The width of the passage through the door to the toilet is 100 cm.
Zdjęcie. Szare drzwi toalety z czarnymi oznaczeniami.
  • Two grab bars are fitted in the room, one to the left side of the toilet and one to the left side of the wash basin. A call alarm is also provided in the room.
Zdjęcie. Wnętrze toalety. Po prawej stronie sedes z poręczą. Po lewej stronie nisko zawieszona umywalka z poręczą.

There are several wheelchair ramps with different angles of inclination in the area of the institution.

  • The first one is located in the corridor next to the accessible toilet, and leads from the corridor to the Foyer and Black Room (Sala Czarna). The slope of the ramp is 7 degrees.


Zdjęcie. Szara podłoga w korytarzu. Białe ściany i szare drzwi.
  • There is bi-fold door on the left leading to the Foyer. The passage width when both door leaves are opened is 168 cm.
Zdjęcie. Szare drzwi z otwartym prawym skrzydłem. Za drzwiami wnętrze z pomarańczową sofą.
  • There is an entrance to the Black Room (Sala Czarna) on the right side in the Foyer. The entrance is 112 cm wide and can be closed with a sliding door, which requires a lot of force to push it back. A ramp with a slope of 7.5 degrees leads to the Black Room (Sala Czarna). The ramp leading to the Educational Exhibition Room (Galeria Edukacyjna) has a slope of 13 degrees and leads through a bi-fold door with a width of 138 cm.
Zdjęcie. Drewniana podłoga z łagodnym podjazdem do sali. Po lewej stronie podjazdu poręcz. Czarne ściany.
  • The way to the Educational Room (Sala Edukacyjna) leads through a very steep wheelchair ramp with a slope of 25 degrees. The ramp is located at the bi-fold door, whose width is 128 cm.
Zdjęcie. Otwarte szare drzwi. Za nimi korytarz z kolejnymi drzwiami. Po prawej stronie wieszak na ubrania.
  • There is a wooden cable box hanging directly behind the door, on its left side and at head height.
Zdjęcie. Korytarz. Po prawej stronie wieszak na ubrania i zamknięte drzwi. Po lewej stronie na ścianie wisi drewniana skrzynka z kablami.
  • The door leading to the Educational Room (Sala Edukacyjna)
    is bi-fold and opens outwards. The passage width when both door leaves are open is 139 cm.
Zdjęcie. Szare, dwuskrzydłowe drzwi otwarte na oścież. Za nimi wnętrze sali.

Galeria Labirynt

ul. ks. J. Popiełuszki 5, 20-052 Lublin