Zdjęcie. Blondłwłosa dziewczyna trzyma przed sobą dwa bilety wstępu do Galerii Labirynt. Na półkach w tle poustawiane książki.

If you buy a ticket, you support Labirynt

Everything turned upside down at the ticket office of our gallery! You don’t have to buy a ticket at the entrance to see our exhibitions!

Until the end of August, admission to Labirynt is free and the purchase of a ticket is voluntary. People who want to support the activities of the gallery can buy a ticket after visiting the exhibitions.

Ticket price list

  1. regular ticket for PLN 9.00
  2. reduced ticket for PLN 4.00
  3. free ticket
  4. group ticket for PLN 15.00
  5. ticket plus for PLN 20.00

Most cultural institutions are now struggling with financial problems and are getting help from their visitors. It is thanks to you, viewers, listeners and visitors that culture exists! Thank you for being with us! If you buy tickets for exhibitions and visit our bookstore, you support Labirynt more than you think.

More information about tickets > HERE