07-5-2021 - 07-5-2021

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The premiere of Filip Kijowski’s performance “Inside Out” is going to take place on May, 7th on Galeria Labirynt Facebook fanpage.

“Can urban space be used to construct choreography?”, I ask myself.

I am interested in the relationship between streets and people. I am attracted to small, urban objects – bollards, curbs, various street furniture, but also forgotten and abandoned places. I am looking for support and assistance in all of this. I imagine it is a landscape and, at the same time, as a living whole with an organ. The city is an archive of traumas.

In this whole network of invisible conditions and processes, bodies absorb the pain of this organism caused by a system of overlapping oppressions. They try to reveal it. On the map of my body and yours, I want to track the points where this pain is the strongest.

I want to talk about the reality of all these socially excluded bodies, embedded in the urban tissue and sympathetic with it. The words you are going to hear are the screams of people who are not stigmatised and excluded.


07/05/2021 at 6:00 p.m.
Galeria Labirynt Facebook 






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