29-10-2023 - 31-12-2024

Galeria Labirynt

About event

This is a mural about dreams, plans and longings. About the future and the past. About temporariness. About being somewhere else and trying to feel at home. About creating community and connection. About “everywhere” and “nowhere”. About joy and sadness. About being hosted and hosting. About expressing oneself. About the realm of freedom on a piece of wall. And about a slice of space that becomes as spacious as the outer space.

The work was painted by the refugee community and the residents of Lublin under the direction of artist Maciej Pałka. Various pieces were also created by the residents of our city. Each person shared what is important to them. “Kosmos” (outer space), although a few dozen square meters in size, is an infinite space, multithreaded and open to all voices, new people and their stories.

“Kosmos”, 2023, mural

Authors of the mural project: Kseniia Adamenko, Olga Bochkar, Tetiana Buriakivska, Paulina Chmiel, Bohdan Drovozyuk, Munachiso Christiana Ibekwe, Oleksandra Makarchuk, Daria Meshkova, Basia Mierzejewska, Stanislaw Mychailov, Taisiia Schevchenko, Yuliia Shevchuk, Zoia Syzova, Iasna-Mariia Tsyktor
Artistic supervision: Maciej Pałka
Coordination: Krystian Kamiński, Agata Sztorc-Gromaszek

Accessibility: The mural is located on the wall of the Labirynt Gallery from Poniatowskiego Street and can be viewed from the level of the sidewalk running along the street or from the level of the path running along the building – the path is partially covered with small stones.

The mural was created thanks to the cooperation of Galeria Labirynt, UNHCR – United Nations Refugee Agency and the Artolution collective.







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