29-4-2021 - 28-5-2021

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TikTok Yourself!

Open call for performers, dancers and TikTok stars


We would like to invite you to participate in a residency programme accompanying “Ménage á Deux” – the exhibition of Karol Radziszewski and Maurycy Gomulicki.


The project is a creative reference to the exhibition through dance, performance, movement, gesture, monologue/dialogue, improvisation or other performative activity. Selected people would be given the opportunity to record a series of clips that are going to be posted on the official Tik-Tok profile of Galeria Labirynt. If video is a medium for you, you use it to tell stories, convey different states and emotions, this call is for you!



  1. Send your artistic documentation or link to your TikTok profile to tiktok@labirynt.com
  2. We are going to invite selected participants to record one competition clip relating to a specific place or places at the exhibition. You can choose the location here: www.bit.ly/menageadeux_360. We can also send you photos.
  3. We are going to place these clips on our TikTok profile. The final decision on who is going to be chosen to participate in the residency is going to be made by the jury, which is also going to take into account the reactions to TikTok (hearts, comments, shares, duos, etc.).


 We provide:

– The exhibition space “Ménage á Deux” for the duration of the residence.

– Reimbursement of travel expenses and accommodation in Lublin for the duration of the recording, if you need it.

– Remuneration of PLN 100 for one clip (not applicable to the entry clip). As part of the residency, you can prepare from 2 to 5 clips.

– Technical and substantive support.

Attention! The order of applications has an impact on the pace of possible publication of your works. The sooner you send your clip, the sooner you have a chance to see it on our profile: ADRES


Open call is indended for people over 18 years of age.


The final decision is going to be made by:

– Sylwia Hejno

– Filip Kijowski

– Emilia Lipa

– Alicja Sienkiewicz

– Waldemar Tatarczuk






Curatorial guided tour - application form for groups