O galerii

Get to know the history of our gallery

Tas established in 1956. In the over half-century histhe Bureau of Artistic Exhibitions (BWA) in Lublin wory of the institution, the 1980s were the period that most influenced the place. In 1981, the position of Acting Director was taken by Andrzej Mroczek. He continued his original programme at BWA, which he carried out at Galeria Labirynt run by him from 1974. Labirynt promoted contemporary art, focusing on formal experimentation.

BWA became a famous meeting place of artists’ in Poland and around the world. As martial law commenced, it was one of the few government institutions not under a boycott. It showed how trusted Andrzej Mroczek was by independent artistic circles in Poland.

In 2010, Waldemar Tatarczuk became the Acting Director of BWA. As Andrzej Mroczek, he added his ideas of a Performance Art Centre run by him in the years 1999–2010.

Galeria Labirynt continues Andrzej Mroczek’s vision about this place – showing the classics of contemporary art and the work of artists related to his programme, maintaining an enquiring look on the present and looking for universal values in art. Hence, the gallery tries to be an attentive observer of the changes taking place in art and an active participant open to new phenomena in artistic processes. Performance art reappears in the gallery’s programme, becoming as important as the exhibition programme.