05-6-2023 - 05-6-2023

Galeria Labirynt

About event

The Open Network of People of Culture React! gathers, reflects upon, and disseminates practices and solutions for working in the field of culture for intercultural society. In the context of the humanitarian crisis at the Polish-Belarusian border, Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, or the increasing ethnic diversity in Poland, we feel the need for a fresh reconsideration of our mission, programme, methods of organising work, and relationships with the audience of cultural events. The meeting is not only an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience, but also to develop cooperation and establish contacts with other cultural institutions, organisations and individuals from all over Poland.

When: 05/06/2023 (Monday), 11:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.
Where: Galeria Labirynt, ul. ks. J. Popiełuszki 5, Lublin
Accessibility: The event is held on the ground floor. In the bookstore, you can borrow a wheelchair and noise-cancelling earmuffs, for free during your stay in the gallery. The Gallery has 6 portable induction loops. The event is interpreted into English.
Admission: free, registration via form – link.

During the meeting in Lublin, we will familiarise ourselves with examples of projects implemented in the intercultural sphere. We will also learn about the needs of the artistic individuals coming to Lublin and how people with migration experience perceive Lublin’s culture. We invite all individuals associated with the cultural sector, including those working in public institutions and cultural centres, as well as those involved in non-governmental organisations and informal collectives.

Detailed programme of the event:

11:00–12:30: meetings (Galeria Labirynt, ul. Popiełuszki 5)

  • Artist in Residency Queer Station – Ukrainian Artist Residency Azyl Library

Filip Kijowski (he/his) – artist, performer, creator of Biblioteka Azyl – a social queer library in Lublin.
Glam Gargoyle (she/her) – multidisciplinary artist from Berdyansk (Ukraine). She works with themes of utopia to subjugate the everyday. Resident artist at the Azyl Library.

  • With open hearts: My work in the cultural institutions of the city of Lublin

Taisiia Shevchenko (she/her) – Lecturer at the Department of Social Work and Management of Sociocultural Activities of Anton Makarenko Sumy State Pedagogical University. Co-founder of the Creative animation group “Let’s Play!”. Trainer of animators and leisure organisers.

  • Inclusion of migrants through culture – the example of municipal cultural institutions in Lublin

Beata Stepaniuk-Kuśmierzak (she/her) – Deputy Mayor of the City of Lublin for Culture, Sport and Participation.

12:30–13:00: coffee break

13:00–14:30: meetings (Galeria Labirynt, ul. Popiełuszki 5)

  • The Sound of the Pandemic

Sean Magavu (he/his) – student, young populariser of culture dealing with all its aspects (also entertainment and sports).

  • Culture of the Deaf from Ukraine

Anna Cherkavska (she/her) – Deaf sign language interpreter from Ukraine.

  • Polish-Ukrainian youth integration on the example of theatre performance

Małgorzata Adamczyk (she/her) – head of the education department at the H. Ch. Andersen Theatre in Lublin, Polish studies graduate, theatre director, instructor of theatre classes, coordinator of educational and theatrical projects.

14:30–16:00: lunch break

16:00–18:00: meetings (Baobab Centre, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 39b)

  • The book as a way of bringing the home closer

Yaryna Posuniak (she/her) – architect, art historian, creator of the Multicultural Library in Lublin.

  • Study visit to the Baobab Centre

Marta Sienkiewicz (she/her) – psychologist, director of the Homo Faber Association office, responsible for the organisation’s communication activities.

19:00–20:00: guided tour around current exhibitions (Galeria Labirynt, ul. Popiełuszki 5)

For more information about the Open Network of People of Culture React!, please visit the website provided with the link.

Organisation: Olga Brzezińska, Krystian Kamiński
Coordinator: Diana Kołczewska, Monika Rejman
Translations: Daria Durka, Volodymyr Dyshlevuk, Krystian Kamiński, Małgorzata Kołtun, Katarzyna Krysa, Aleksandra Miętus, Ewelina Lachowska, Yuliia Shevchuk, Wioletta Stępniak, Aleksandra Surdacka, Weronika Żminda





Polish, Ukrainian, English, Polish Sign Language




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